Yankee Linen

Committed to you since 1952

Yankee on the label means quality on the table 


Our history began in 1952 in Hackensack, NJ. One man's vision of owning a business and providing a living for his family has grown into a company which is now serving over 2,500 business establishments. Today Yankee Linen is still managed and operated by the descendants of the original owner.

One truck became twenty, one employee became 100, serving the tri-state area. In 1952, Yankee's founder delivered and serviced every customer for years by himself. He was later joined by his two sons in 1978. Then in 1987 the company moved to a state of the art facility in the Riverside section of Paterson NJ where we are presently located. 

Having established a great reputation for quality and personable service. Yankee linen continued to grow and today the family's third generation continuously look for ways to improve the commitment to quality service and innovation.

With Yankee Linen Inc. our customers enjoy a trusted service that includes linen, mat service, uniform rental and the distribution of restroom supplies.  

Additionally we offer linens for private party rentals. Our approach is simple: we work with you to provide a convenient service that features pick-up service, cleaning and delivery. We are looking forward to servicing you in the near future. 

Green Sustainability

Yankee has achieved over the past 15 years the prestigious Award of Excellence for exceptional compliance from Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission for wastewater disposal.

·         Reduced water and energy use: All of Yankee's washers and dryers are computer controlled to monitor the minimum amount of energy and chemicals consumed.

·         Wastewater: Yankee's wastewater is recycled to obtain optimum degree saving percentages.

·         Routes: Yankee routes our vechicles according to locations to limit the CO2 emissions.

.         Recycling: Yankee actively works to recycle cardboard, plastics hangers and any other recyclable materials. We recycle over 15,000 hangers per week from customers.Yankee monitors any customer recyclable waste daily, and customers are instructed on better procedures to recycle. 

Our Mission Statement:

"It is vital to our business that we commit ourselves to excellence in everything we do. Doing quality work in an honorable way is something we take pride in. Delivering trusted service at a fair price to our customers is our commitment."